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We help those people who need to know, quickly find what they should know.

Stock analysts, financial advisors, brokers, dealers, institutional investors, corporate board members, c-level executives and retail investors need to know the risk factors and potential issues relating to public companies. Most of those also have a suitability, fiduciary or legal obligation to know and explain risks for the public companies they follow.

But having the obligation and doing it well are two different things. Our Reports help by providing unique data in an easy-to-read format that can be assessed quickly. The data is compiled from many disparate sources. Our flag indicators for key factors dramatically reduce the number of hours normally spent reviewing financial reports down to seconds.

Our detailed reports methodically identify serious and key issues that are otherwise difficult to find and understand.

No one is perfect, but we uncover far more potential issues than a typical fiduciary might ever do on their own. Our reports draw on our team of over 75 analysts who pore over our large databases. These databases hold over ten years worth of financial stock filings, footnotes, updates, corrections, auditor reports, annual reports, quarterly reports, lawsuits, reclassifications, etc.

We help investing professionals and company officers quickly identify the most likely due diligence issues for over 4,500 stocks. We show potential issues as red or yellow flags so industry professionals can quickly zero in on the most important issues and use their own skills and insights to assess what each issue might mean for the underlying stock’s price or risk profile.

  • Powerful due diligence tool
  • Over 75 analysts. Over 4,500 publicly traded stocks
  • We know where to look and have 10+ years of data to draw upon
  • Relevant, material facts with clear descriptions and context.
  • Red/yellow flags signal the most likely issues for further focus
  • Summaries of each warning sign
  • Instant links to underlying SEC / EDGAR / Legal / Regulatory filings
  • Useful peer group and industry comparisons
  • Research option available to help give context for any flag
  • Trusted data widely used in auditing and academic research
  • Free brief readable, attractive, and accessible to a broad audience
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© 2021 Watchdog Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Watchdog Research, Inc. is a financial research company providing due diligence information on public companies.
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© 2021 Watchdog Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Watchdog Research, Inc. is a financial research company providing due diligence information on public companies.